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Visit from Siam Cement Group

As part of Tiong Seng Engineering Solutions (TSES) 's internationalisation strategy of building a robust core presence in Southeast Asia, TSES had the pleasure of hosting Siam Cement Group ('SCG'), Thailand and also Southeast Asia's Oldest Supplier of cement and building materials and it's subsidiary Concrete Products & Aggregate ('CPAC') on 24th May 2022.

Recognising that our guests were interested in exploring modular construction in the form of Prefinished Prefabricated Volumetric Construction (PPVC) and Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU), the TSES team collaborated with the project side for a visit to TQL's casting and fit-out yard. At these locations, our guests were able to appreciate how the Group maximised the limited space through effective site management and efficient scheduling of trade works.

To close the loop and showcase Tiong Seng's full spectrum of capabilities (Carcass Production/Carcass Full Fit Out/Module Installation), we also brought our guests to CH19's actual site to witness the installation on-site. They also had the chance to witness the productivity merits of Designing for Manufacturing and Assembly ('DfMA'). With the reduced workforce on site, and the ability to install multiple modules a day, our guests were highly impressed with Tiong Seng's engineering capability.

Outside of modular solutions, TSES also invited our Guests to visit our Tiong Seng Headquarters. The team seized the opportunity to brief them on the integrated solutions we provided to our clients and highlighted the Group's Digital Capability and the numerous technologies and construction solutions embedded within the building. They include our Cobiax Hollow Void Formers, Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) and the PBUs.

After the visit, after also similarly sharing with TSES the various construction technologies they have been exploring, our Guests expressed their interest in further discussing and collaborating with Tiong Seng. With both parties aligned on the need to reinvent traditional construction and how green building is the way forward, TSES will continue to deepen our engagement with SCG on opportunities to work together.

One area is 3-D printing. The Siam Cement Group developed this capability over the last few years and recently 3-D printed their first concrete co-working space building. They are working on printing their next project, which is a low-rise office building. Their intent is also to bring together the technologies of PPVC and 3-D printing to extract even more significant benefits in efficiency.

TSES would like to thank our colleagues from TQL and CH19 project sites and the Productivity and BIM team for helping to realise this successful event.

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