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Cobiax is an internationally patented technology that reduces unnecessary deadweight in concrete slabs by positioning hollow void formers within the slabs. This can reduce the weight of the concrete slab by up to as much as 30 per cent without compromising on its structural integrity. This in turn translates into a dramatic reduction in carbon dioxide emission of as much as 210 kg for every cubic metre of concrete displaced.

The proprietary technology of the Cobiax bi-axial voided slab originated from Switzerland, where the headquarters of the Cobiax group is located. Founded in 1997, the Cobiax group has relentlessly researched and developed the Cobiax technology. Cobiax is the first and only ‘bi-axial load transfer technology for concrete slabs’ awarded the National Technical Approval by the German Institute of Building Technology, in compliance with the strict and high concrete design standard in Europe.


With a lighter slab, beam sizes are reduced, allowing for more ceiling space, thereby improving construction productivity. This also allows architects to design larger span flat slab structures to achieve more dramatic effects in the building's expression, including the possibility of extending the cantilever slabs of the building as compared to a traditional beam and slab structure.

The reduced weight of the building due to the use of Cobiax also helps in optimising the building's foundations.

Cobiax has since been used in landmark projects around the globe such as the Vodafone Campus in Dusseldorf, Germany, Park Royal Hotel at Upper Pickering Street, Singapore and the Miami Art Museum, USA.

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