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Pioneer of Possibilities

"Rigour means we adopt robust planning procedures before we commence work in order to optimize resources and develop the right processes."

The Tiong Seng Way defines the values and how we work as an organisation.  It is the essence of our brand, and guides our culture and work values.

“Integrating rigour and innovation” is what Tiong Seng stands for.  We believe we can address client needs by combining the discipline of meticulous project planning & management with the application of innovative building solutions in everything we do.

"Innovation means we are constantly looking for better ways or new technologies to achieve our objectives or improve our work."

To live the Tiong Seng Way, we have made knowledge sharing a big part of our internal culture.  For every project, we codify and share the lessons learnt in our knowledge management system, making it easy for co-workers to learn from one another.

Supported by our culture and work initiatives, we are confident the Tiong Seng Way will help us grow as a company to become a better place to work in, and a better partner to work with.

Our Corporate Video

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