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Tiong Seng pledge to pledge to the Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement

In an initiative launched by the Alliance for Action on Sustainable Spaces ("AfA"), Tiong Seng is proud to be one of the partners in the Built Industry to pledge to the “Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement”, and being committed to supply or adopt low or no formaldehyde products and solutions.

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is commonly emitted from building products and household furniture and long term exposure to formaldehyde can present serious health issues such as chest pains and bronchitis. However, due to its small particle size, it is difficult to capture and eradicate and is often left undetected. Tiong Seng hopes that through making this commitment, it will raise awareness and inspire other stakeholders in the built environment to similarly adopt more environmentally conscious practices.

As part of our sustainability reporting, Tiong Seng has already been tracking these emissions, and this pledge further reinforces our commitment as a green builder. This effort also builds upon the sustainability framework that was launched earlier this year. With this initiative, we remain dedicated to creating sustainable cities beyond baseline environmental requirements, but also centered around people and value creation.

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