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Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd, is recognized for providing pre-fabrication solutions to our clients. Robin Village is best known for its unconventional precast designs. We specialize in the fabrication of concrete from design, development and production to installation. Besides bringing about greater efficiency in our work, our pre-casting capabilities have won us several accolades in recent construction projects.

Competitive Edge

As demand for complex custom design increases, installation for non-regular precast components becomes a critical challenge. Improper handling of precast components during installation may hinder construction progress. Robin Village understands this challenge; we provide specialized pre-installation consultation by our field experts.

Our precast expertise gives us a competitive edge by:

  • Reducing overall construction time

  • Operating concurrently with project site developments

  • Reducing labour reliance due to automation

  • Improving buildability and quality

  • Facilitating streamlined productions

  • Minimising on-site storage space

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